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  • rp Visual Solutions
  • Westgate Las Vegas Superbook LED Display Mount by RPV
  • rp Visual Solutions
  • rp Visual Solutions
  • Major Power Utility Control Room using LED
  • rp Visual Solutions
  • rp Visual Solutions
  • Microsoft NY Flagship Store Flat Panel Mounts
  • rp Visual Solutions
  • rp Visual Solutions
  • Pepsi Boardroom LED Display mounted on X-arm
  • rp Visual Solutions
  • rp Visual Solutions

rp Visual Solutions

RP Visual Solutions (RPV) is engaged in consulting, designing, and fabricating visual displays for demanding applications including:

Consider RPV if you're looking for custom mounting solutions for Architecturally Integrated, Large, Curved, Tilted, or Touch/Interactive projects. We are #MoreThanAMount !

Our custom mounts are compatible with ALL major manufacturers and include: 

  • Projection Mounts
  • Rear Projection Enclosures
  • Rear Projection Walls
  • Rigid Screens (Front & Rear) Optical & Diffusion
  • Pedestals for display cubes
  • Touch/Interactive Screens
  • Kiosks, Directories, and Wayfinders
  • Single Panel Mounts
  • Matrix Panel Mounts for Mini Projection Cubes, Flat Panels, and LED displays.

Screen Offerings
rp Visuals proudly represents dnp Optical & ACP Diffusion screens, integrating them into our rear projection custom mounts & screens, enclosures, and walls.

RPV Sightings



Sapphire Marketing
New York Road Show 
April 27-28
New York, NY



InfoComm 2016
Las Vegas Convention Center
June 4-10
Booth #N521 

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