Christie Digital Lobby

Cypress, CA

What do you do when you’re a major display technology manufacturer and want to display your products? Well, you tag rp Visual Solutions (RPV) of course. In the summer of 2010 Christie Digital decided to upgrade their lobby with a video wall comprised of their MicroTiles. Because of their versatile nature, Microtiles can be seen in a variety of applications from Command and Control Rooms to Retail Digital Signage. RPV had installed a number of architecturally integrated projects using Christie MicroTiles. Tagging RPV for their lobby was a natural choice for this corporate application. anywhere within the Hall.  

RPV designed, engineered, and installed the large video wall that held a 10 high by 5 wide Christie MicroTile array. These wall mounted bracket were custom engineered to accommodate a 10° tilt . The custom back frame assured precision alignment of the MicroTiles, and allowed for 6-axis of adjustability.

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Tags: featured project, matrix mounts, boardrooms/conference rooms

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