LED Mounts

Matrix Mount Solutions for LED Displays


LED (light-emitting diode) is quickly becoming the technology of choice for display applications requiring high brightness and deep contrast. Ever increasing LED pixel density means that consistent seams are crucial. RPV proudly offers innovative new ways to mount LED based displays.

LED X-Arm Mount 

03 RPMM 10x6 SCT 1.5 X-Arm Stand.jpgThe RPMM X-Arm Mount LED mounting is the simplest way to mount LED panels and keep front serviceability and the tightest seams in the industry.  With the built-in tube steel backer frame, the RPMM X-Arm mount ensures tight seams for a virtually seamless and flat Video wall. This 100% custom mount is compatible with all LED Displays and sizeable to any configuration, creating a mount that fits into challenging spaces creating an upscale and unique look. 

02 RPMM 10x6 SCT 1.5 X-Arm Stand --1.jpg    24 RPMM 8x8 SCT 1.5 X-Arm Wall Portrait.jpg   04 Dolby Labs 2 (2).jpg

LED Flex Mount

The Flex Mount extends out from the wall up to 34”, allowing a technician or end user to physically get behind the mount for cable connecting and other maintenance. The mount articulates left and right to enhance the viewing experience and for ease of installation and service.