Christie® MicroTile® Mounts

Matrix Mount Solutions for MicroTiles


33 RPPM CMT Staggered Shaw Install.jpgThe Christie MicroTile is a unique product in the ever-changing world of display technology. These modular 16" x 12" rear projection cube units which can be built together into a large video wall style display. Each MicroTile unit contains a short-throw projector based on an LED light source and optical imaging. The modular nature of MicroTiles allows for creative display possibilities. Whether flat, staggered, or curved—custom mounts from RPV are the perfect complement for a unique Christie MicroTile array.

MicroTile Block Mount

RPV's MicroTile Block Mount attaches at one point and allows up to 8 tiles cantilevered out to either side (up to 16 tiles from one attach point) to mimic a floating effect—an innovative way to show the versatility of MicroTiles.

MicroTile Custom Rigs & Frames

The MicroTile Mounting Bracket is a unitized, turn-key mounting solution that allows mounting creativity & innovation while insuring structural integrity and stability. Virtually unlimited mounting options include: Free Standing, Rolling, and Suspended. This front service mount also features 6-axis alignment flexibility to ensure perfect seams.

MicroTile Leveling Base with Pedestal

The MicroTile Leveling base enables ease of leveling for the first row of MicroTiles, compensating for any environmental imperfections. Once the first row is leveled, then the upper rows can be added and leveled easily—maintaining a consistent and level display