99002.00.00A WM32 WITH X-ARM.jpgrp Visual Solutions’ Wall Mate integration system is an innovative concept for providing support for a flat panel display. This is accomplished by integrating the back box,  display mount,  and AV device mounting into a complete system, all while keeping the display less than 1/2”  from the wall. The Wall Mate is sure to become a standard for  flat panel mounting. 

The Wall Mate is available in two sizes (16” wide & 32” wide) to accommodate all  VESA mount patterns. The two sizes are offered to allow the system to fit between standard 16” studs or the width of dual 16” studs.  The Wall Mate 16 is designed for flat panels from 50” diagonal through 75” diagonal. The Wall Mate 32 is designed for flat panels 75” and above. 

99001.00.00 WM16 WITH X-ARM.jpgMounting Options:
There are three available configurations for the Wall Mate system. The display can be positioned  Flat, Tilted (up to 10 degrees), and X-Arm (pull out).

The Wall Mate 16 can hold flat panels up to 125 lbs., and the Wall Mate 32 can hold flat panels up to 300 lbs.  The fixed flat mount option provides a minimum rear of display distance to wall  of  0.6” to assist in maintaining ADA compliance.

Peripheral Device Mounting:
The system is designed for easy installation of signal processing and data routing components along with incoming and outgoing signal cabling. Included cut-outs for duplex power receptacles allows for ample power to support products.

VESA Table.png

WallMate Capacity.png