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Order to the Chaos of Non-Standard VESA Mounting Patterns; Part One

rp Visuals Team | 31 January, 2021 | Project - Flat Panels
VESA Wallmount

Here’s What Happens When Standards Aren’t Followed. A VESA Mounting Story.

Yes, you may read this declaration of the demise of the long-standing VESA mounting standard as controversial, but please read on for context that starts with a bit of a semi-fictional, historical journey.

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5 Projection Screens for Your Home Theater Update

In our current Covid-19 world, movie theater options are dwindling, streaming services are growing, and families are looking to enhance at-home activities. For all these reasons and more, many households are looking to upgrade their home theater and create a space to enjoy movies, thetv series they’ve been meaning to watch, and other streaming options for entertainment. One way to accomplish this without a huge budget is to increase the size of your home theater display by using a projection system.

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Wallmate: The Flat Panel Mounting Solution Flying off the Shelves

Flat Panels
For years, flat panel technology has been the defacto standard for basic visual displays.  The odd thing is, mounting them hasn’t been easy due to inter-trade coordination and other quirks that occur once the display size changes.  Different mounts, different electrical locations, different weights, and different bracing requirements should be easy to accommodate, but for decades have caused frustration. 

rp Visuals specifically sought out AV designer, end-user, and service teams to create a new solution, the Wallmate.  Wallmate is a simple and easy to implement wall mounting solution with three different models to accommodate various weights and sizes of LCD panel displays.  Wallmate is a wall mount that solves a multitude of problems for design and integration teams such as:

  • The removal of inter-trade disagreement.
  • Accommodating display size changes.
  • Allowance of fixed mount or pull out mount styles enabling all budgets.
  • The ability to expand the system in the future.
  • Expediting Room Up Time

Plus, so much more

All this resolved with a system that is likely the most stable and structurally sound mounting system there is… 

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Wood + LED  = BAD!

James Fife | 30 January, 2019 | Project - LED
Bowed wood

A better Idea is using an isolating mounting system = no lines, no breakage, saved $$ 

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