In-Wall or Custom Mounting for Flat Panels


invizible_swing_productinVizible™ Swing Features

  • In-Wall sheet metal enclosure
  • Active "ductless" cooling system
  • Hinged fold-out mounting arm
  • Mount arm extends 55 degrees
  • Compatible with ALL panels
  • Clip on bezel - white, black, unf or custom
  • Cooling fan included

The inVizible™ Swing Out Wall Mount offers an elegant "built-in" solution for mounting flat panel displays in the wall. This is a complete system that is easy to install, operate and service.

The custom mount's hinged "fold-out" mounting arm allows easy access to the rear and side of the flat panel display for service and cable connections.

The uniquely designed "ductless" cooling system draws cool air from the bezel's bottom edge circulating the air throughout the enclosure and sending the warm air out at the bezel's upper edge.

This innovative visual display mount allows any size panel to be installed in the wall and also enables other product to be stowed or hidden within the bezel.

inVizible PullinVizible™ Pull Features

  • In-Ceiling sheet metal enclosure
  • Blend with existing ceiling
  • Gas spring swing-up system
  • Easy to pull down
  • Compatible with most 42" panels
  • Colors: white, black or custom

The inVizible™ Pull Down Ceiling Mount offers a elegant "built-in" solution for mounting flat panel displays in the ceiling.

The Pull Down is perfect for classrooms, training facilities, boardrooms, recreational vehicles and places where real estate is premium.

This custom mount can be camouflaged by covering with ceiling tiles or painted to match the existing ceiling.

Easy manual pull down and automatic return are accomplished via gas springs. A turn-off switch for the flat panel is optional, allowing the flat panel display to turn off when it is returned to the ceiling.