The Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation at Humber College

Toronto, Canada

Project partners for the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation project include integrator ICON Media Communications (ICON), display manufacturer LG Electronics USA (LG), and custom mount manufacturer rp Visual Solutions (RPV). RPV was tasked with engineering and fabricating 3 separate curved OLED videowall mount structures, one being a reconfigurable wall, for the Centre’s atrium and lobby. Working closely with LG, RPV was able to design custom wall mount structures that could support the curved OLEDs while allowing for rear service and maintaining seam specifications.

Curved Atrium Displays
The architect’s vision for a 4w x 4h 55” OLED display to wrap around a 90 degree wall corner was made possible by the custom RPV designed and fabricated steel frame structure. This system allows the display to float on the atrium wall while incorporating extension arms for service access to the back of the displays. Adjacent to the corner display, is a 2-column configuration, each  1w x 4h, with each column display adjoining either side of a glass doorway. The convex curve shape creates a seamless image as you pass through the doors. This display uses a lift-off style mount that allows the consistent curve while still holding the tight panel-to-panel specifications of the OLED displays.

Reconfigurable Lobby Display
This uniquely designed system can be adjusted from curved to flat, as required, thanks to RPV’s custom structure. The 3w x 3h 55” OLED display is easily adapted to various types of presentations and audience sizes. For smaller audiences, the display structure
incorporates a curve on the right side allowing a more intimate group. A manual pivot capability allows the display to flatten against the wall when larger groups are using the space. The structure will keep the panels optimally aligned through multiple reconfigurations.

About rp Visual Solutions
From rendering to reality, RPV specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication, testing, and installation of creative visual structures for digital signage across a variety of verticals.  RPV offers architecturally integrated mounting solutions requiring engineering excellence and knowledge to deliver the best visual experiences. RPV is known for the very best in display optimization, installation, and maintainability.

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