UCLA Neurosurgery

Los Angeles, CA

In September 2015 Vantage Technology Consulting pinged RPV to help fulfill a critical component of a conference space at UCLA. The conference space serves as a digital sandbox for the UCLA Neurosurgery department. RPV was tasked with designing a
precision multi-projector alignment structure for a blended image on a large format, curved, 3D-enabled projection screen. This technology allows users to collaborate on complex cases with medical images rendered in 3D in real-time. The challenge RPV faced was the location of the projectors which were in a soffit hidden from view of attendees, and recessed into an overhead alcove area. RPV created a custom Heavy Duty Projector Pull Out Service Drawer Slide Mount with fine tuning alignment platform. This front projection mount allows for 6-axis fine tuning to get the most precise images on the screen. The result was a 1x2 projected image with a total pixel count of 4,377,600. The Blend zone was set at 10% , which equated to 230,400 pixels.

This custom projection mount was specifically built for a Digital Projection Titan 930 WUXGA 3D. Micro adjustments on the mount make projector registration fast and precise, and a critical component for this project. The 6-Axis allows Forward/Back, Left/Right, Elevation, Tilt, Roll, and Yaw adjustment. The system was designed for multi-mode operation - either a single projected image at the center of the screen or a two projector blended image across the entire immersive wrap-around screen.

We conduct Factory Certified Testing (FCT) for your projects. An FCT involves attaching  the display(s) to the custom mount, ensuring fit and finish of the final display. We fully stage your custom solution to ensure a smooth installation, and to validate the manufacturer’s display  specification and optics. 


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