Westgate Superbook

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Superbook

Project scope

In 2015 RPV was contacted to help upgrade the largest most prestigious Race and Sports Book in Las Vegas into a real Game-Changer. The goal was to create a stadium-like experience unlike any other where every seat in the newly renovated Westgate Superbook would offer a "front-row" experience. There were numerous challenges, both with time, and the construction site. Challenge number one was the opening. The Westgate wanted the Book to be completed by the start of NFL Season. Westgate’s second requirement was that the Largest Sports book in Vegas could NEVER be closed. Another challenge was that the new structure had to interface to the existing structure and service system which was a rear projection system that was to be upgraded to LED. Lastly, this 4,000+ sq. ft. wall consisted of a portion that was flat and a portion that curved into a “J”. The result was a 220 ‘wide by 20’ foot high videowall – the largest indoor LED Videowall in North America with over 65 Million pixels. This infinite canvas of LED comprised of 62 Columns of 1,680 Christie Velvet tiles weighed in at 65,000 pounds. At any given time, the Superbook, can show an infinite number of games on this amazing Videowall.

Tags: featured project, led, rear projection, entertainment, sports

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