RPWM - Wallmate

WM32 600dpi Cropped-1

The Wallmate integration system provides support for a flat panel display by integrating the back box, display mount, and AV device mounting into a complete system.  The Wallmate is available in 3 sizes to accommodate panels up to 350 lbs.





RPWM - Matrix Mounts

LG OLED - Humber Corner WrapRP Matrix Mounts are the premier solution for LED, LCD, OLED, and Micro LED multi panel arrays.  RPV is leading structure manufacture solving for the large, curved, tilted, and architecturally challenging applications.

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LED Display Mounts
Flat Panel Matrix Mounts

RPPM - Panel Mounts

RPK 90 Portrait X ARM 1 -ASU-Job 2556Our robust design for large format flat panels offers the best in stability and security… both key in today’s world of interactive experiences. Our solutions are 100% custom allowing panel access to be designed to suit the environment.  RPV Panel Mounts can be floor mounted, ceiling mounted, wall mounted, and more!

RPS - RP Screens

4150 - Spinitar - Lawrence Berkeley Labs (5)We offer both front & rear projection screens tailored for real world applications, from high end Optical screens, Diffusion cost-effective screens, and Specialty Screens including: Short-Throw and Blend screens.

RPM - Rear Projection Mount

B1 - RPS PACCAR Zenith Screen-HDStruggling to find space in a rear projection room? Add a RPM to fold the projected light path. This product features a 6-Axis Projector Cradle, & Multi-Point Mirror Fine Tuning System. This RPM can be for a single rear screen, packaged into a stand-alone Enclosure,
Videowall and come with or without a screen.

RPI - Interactive

6x3 1.2 TW Leyard Multi Zone LED Touch Wall 2Touch Interactive Overlays create a visual impact by utilizing Infrared or Capacitive technologies. This feature can be an add on to any of RPV’s product offerings with consideration for install-ability and service.