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rp Visuals Virtual Tradeshow 2020

Welcome to Our Virtual Booth!

We are sad to have missed all of you at the many tradeshows scheduled for this year, but here you will find information and demonstrations for each of the exhibits you would have seen at our booth!  We have numerous new videos showing off RPV's custom mounting structures, engineered screen solutions, and our can't-be-beat Wallmate solution. For more information on any of the solutions below, please fill out the form to connect with one of our solutions specialists.

Welcome to our Visualization Center! 


RPV Wallmate

rp Visual Solutions’ Wallmate system is an innovative concept providing support for flat panel displays. This is accomplished by integrating the back box, display mount, and AV device mounting into a complete system, all while keeping the display less than 0.6” from the wall. RPV's Wallmate is the new standard for flat panel mounting.

 RPV Wallmate Demonstration


LED Mounting Solutions

LED is quickly becoming the technology of choice for display applications requiring high brightness and deep contrast. Ever increasing LED pixel density means that consistent seams are crucial. rp Visual Solutions is an innovative design and engineering company specializing in the development and implementation of creative visual structures for the best in gap-less joints.  Download our LED Brochure here.

RPV LED Custom Mounting Solutions Portfolio


dnp Engineered Screen Solutions

dnp’s Supernova Screen material is the ONLY light rejecting Optical Screen technology in the world featuring an active high-contrast filter that reflects the projected image while effectively absorbing available light from other angles. This unique technology means the screen is virtually unaffected by diffused ambient light and is ideal for bright environments. By using this optical technology, the perceived contrast is boosted up to 7 times that of a normal white screen material, resulting in an image that is almost twice as bright. 

Download the dnp Linecard here

dnp Evaluation Screen Demo


dnp Supernova Infinity UST

At ISE 2020, dnp denmark presented a special UST version of the popular dnp Supernova Infinity Screen that offers endless size possibilities with the more and more commonly used ultra-short throw lenses. Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors are gaining ground because they can be used in all types of rooms with the projector placed close to the back wall eliminating the problem of shadows on the screen.

Due to their relatively low brightness UST projectors require an Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screen when used in a brightly lit meeting or class rooms. Until now, the maximum size of ALR screens for UST projectors was 120”. With its unlimited size dnp Supernova Infinity UST paves the way for completely new applications!


Flat Panel Matrix Solutions

The RPV Flat Panel Swing Mount is the industry’s only front serviceable mount with an integrated
tube steel backer frame isolating your display from the wall. With the built-in 6-axis adjustment feature, the RPV Swing Mount allows for easy panel access and alignment while maintaining tight seams. This 100% custom mount is sizeable to any configuration, creating a mount that fits into challenging spaces creating unique arrays and designs.

RPV Flat Panel Mounting Solutions


Thank you for visiting our Virtual Booth!

We appreciate the time you have taken to look through our many offerings and capabilities. We would encourage you to also visit our portfolio to read about recent projects and installations.
For more information on any of our Solutions, email us at info@rpvisuals.com.